Average Cost of Sublimation Ink

Companies that are transferring their printing media to sublimation dye printing would need to know the costs of sublimation ink, in order to calculate if it is efficient for their budget. It would also help them choose the most suitable brand for themselves, that matches their needs and requirements.

Sublimation inks for UV Flatbed Printer are not very expensive. Their bottles are usually cheap, though the pricing may depend on the brand that is being used and the quantity of sublimation ink the bottle contains. Normal pricing usually is:

  • Around $8 per litre for refills less than 300 litres.
  • Around $7.5 per litre for refills less than 600 litres.
  • Around $6.8 per litre for refills less than 1000 litres.
  • Around $6 per litre for refills more than 1000 litres.

How does the pricing pattern vary?

It can comfortably be deduced by the statistics above that the price decreases as you increase the amount of sublimation ink you are buying. In other words, large-scale industries that usually need higher quantities of sublimation ink may be in much benefit.

Final Thoughts

Before buying your sublimation ink and UV Flatbed Printer, do check online if the brand has a good number of reviews online, and is being used by many, in order to make sure your money is not wasted.